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Dimanche 6 avril 2014 7 06 /04 /Avr /2014 07:22

Tree of Life
Maker unknown
Circa 1790-1810
Probably made in United States
123 x 132 inches
IQSCM 2007.034.0001


In addition to the stylized tree of life and long-tailed birds featured in this quilt, the maker fashioned borders with fabric that depicts latticework gates and unusual vases and urns. Designs such as these were known as chinoiserie, from the French word 'chinois,' meaning Chinese. Images inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries were freely re-interpreted through the addition of exaggerated, imaginary details. The style became popular during the mid-1700s.

This quilt is nearly eleven feet square. Such sizeable spreads were needed to cover fashionable four-poster beds often piled high with feather mattresses or ticks and accommodating a trundle bed beneath.


View the quilt on:
World Quilts "The American Story"
Google Art Project
“Chintz Applique Quilts: From Imitation to Icon”




































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Jeudi 20 mars 2014 4 20 /03 /Mars /2014 15:51

En ce jour d'équinoxe de printemps, il sera difficile de résister au nouveau patch de Catherine. Le" jardin de grand-mère "

Il n'aura jamais aussi bien porté son nom,

non seulement  il est de couleur très printanière mais en plus ce sont des tissus de tablier d'une mamie.... Que du bonheur pour celle qui aura la chance de se coucher dessus quand le camping-car va démarrer ...

Nos amies à quatre pattes ont bien de la chance quand même !



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Dimanche 26 janvier 2014 7 26 /01 /Jan /2014 20:12

des nouvelles , pour celles qui aimeraient jouer à la petite souris




et voir ce qu'un quilteur fait quand il a terminé son patchwork

et bien, il l'accroche


le regarde et le range pour s'en servir cet été .....

et vite, on recommence à jouer avec les couleurs et les matières.








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Vendredi 3 janvier 2014 5 03 /01 /Jan /2014 09:41

Une nouvelle année commence et avec elle, beaucoup de projets.

Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de belles choses,

des petits bonheurs,

des grandes joies,

de jolies couleurs,

comme ce quilt


janvier 2014


The Reconciliation Quilt
Lucinda Ward Honstain
Brooklyn, NY
Dated 1867
IQSCM 2001.011.0001

In the quilt’s blocks, Lucinda Ward Honstain reveals intimate details of her family's life—a young woman riding a black horse may represent Honstain’s daughter, Emma. A male figure dressed in dramatic fashion in a Zouave-inspired military uniform may represent Honstain’s husband. Honstain’s red brick Brooklyn home is portrayed in the center of the quilt, with an American flag flying and the yard teeming with a variety of farm animals.

Honstain’s quilt also expresses the social and political identity of Brooklyn in 1867. Specific images refer to the Civil War: a powerful image of a black man facing a white man half his size proclaims “Master, I am Free.” Another reads “Jeff Davis and Daughter,” referring to the legendary reunion of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States, and his daughter after his imprisonment. These blocks represent hope for the reconciliation of the Northern and Southern states after the war.


Par Kipatch
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